Bars, clubs and restaurants

Get easy to operate technology installed at your hospitality and entertainment venue.

The Audiophile has audio visual and security solutions for DJ areas, sound systems, commercial grade multi zone audio, video distribution, TVs, projectors, lighting and security systems including security cameras, monitoring and alarm.

They also offer an integrated control system that multiple staff can use.


Ensure your patrons enjoy the ambience of your café environment and make it a venue they want to come back to, time and time again.

Simply by installing suitable sound systems, commercial grade multi zone audio, video distribution systems and television, you can transform your café into a destination venue offering a complete sensual experience, placing you above your competitors.

Retail stores

The shopping experience should be one of luxury and pleasure for your customers.

The Audiophile has a range of audio visual options for all retail stores – from sound systems, video distribution and television to security cameras, alarms and controls.

Speak to an Audiophile expert about how they can design and install a suitable retail system for you.

Conference rooms

Meetings will never be something you dread again.

The Audiophile have complete solutions for your board rooms and conference rooms, including sound systems, video distribution, televisions and projectors, security cameras and video conferencing systems.

Enjoy custom installations with a central control system that gives ease in conducting meetings and operating video conferencing and presentations.  You can also have full control over the lighting and heating with the simple touch of a button.

Schools and education venues

Schools can keep up with the latest in technology with a range of sound systems, video distribution, televisions, projectors and security cameras - no matter what its size or budget.

Speak to The Audiophile’s CEDIA qualified experts today about what audio visual systems are best for your school.

Hospitals and retirement homes

Fit out shared rooms, communal areas and private suites with audio visual systems that will provide luxury and entertainment to your guests.

The Audiophile team will design and install digital TV distribution, audio and lighting control.

In room entertainment is an important part of any overnight experience, so give your guests or residents the optimum stay.

Recreation centres

Visitors to your gyms, swimming pools and other recreation venues will enjoy a recreation experience like no other with your audio visual products on offer.

The Audiophile will tailor your requirements to your business so that you can offer everything from background music to multi-room audio visual solutions.

Let the expert team take care of the design, cabling, instalment, security and control systems.

Motels and hotels

Fit out your hotel and motel suites with audio visual systems that will provide luxury and entertainment to your guests.

In room entertainment is an important part of any getaway experience, so give your guest the best holiday.

The Audiophile will design and install audio, visual and lighting systems with digital distribution throughout your entire venue, including the reception area, creating a friendly ambience for your guests.

Airports and transport depots

Give airports and transport depots a makeover with new audio visual systems that enhance the venue, improve operations and atmosphere.

The Audiophile team are specialists in design and installation of a range of systems that will suit airports and transport depot needs.

They can take care of everything from background audio and paging systems, to distributed television, advertising TVs and projectors.