Furman 1500-UPS E Rack Mount With Surge Protection


Uninterruptible power supply – battery backup / power conditioner. 2RU, AVR, RS-232 & USB Interface; BlueBOLT compatible.

The F1500-UPS E battery backup designed exclusively for audio/video professionals and home theater aficionados.
At 1500VA, the F1500-UPS E provides substantial backup time for most critical digital A/V components.
If more run-time is needed, a 1500VA battery pack (BATT1500-EXT, sold separately) may be used to further increase run-time (up to four times) as the application demands.

  • Battery back-up with SMP non-sacrificial, zero ground contamination surge suppression technology and EVS Extreme Voltage Shutdown
  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), noise filtering technology assures that today’s ultra-wide dynamic range is maintained as it must be – pristine
  • The F1500-UPS E provides True Sine Wave output when in battery backup mode, ensuring the utmost reliability to all connected equipment while running on battery power
  • BlueBOLT compatibility (via BlueBOLT-CV2 interface card, sold separately)**, offers remote control over any Internet connection via a truly plug-and-play, hosted, web-based graphical user interface, with full control and power monitoring functionality
  • RS-232 control with a wide range of commands to interface with an existing control unit is included. Dual programmable IR control allows the unit to send a shut down command to remote components in the event of a blackout

The following components are ideal for use with the F1500-UPS E:

  • DAWs
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Cable Boxes
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Media Servers
  • External Hard Drives
  • Lamp Based Video Displays
  • Control Systems

Approximate Run Time, 1500VA*

  • Satellite Receiver or Cable Box = 80 Minutes
  • Media Server + Control System = 40 Minutes
  • Digital Mixing Console (24 Channel) = 20 minutes
  • DAW Computer + Digital I/O + External Hard Drive + 24” LCD Monitor = 12 Minutes

* These run times should be used as a guideline only and are dependent on device and usage.

** BlueBOLT IP Card BB-CV2 available RRP $549.00