Blustream Banana Plugs (Pair)


The BluStream Banana plug provide a nice solid connection between speakers and amplifiers and work with 12 gauge to 16 gauge speaker cable.

They are great when having to terminate in a tight space and can prevent cross termination with any loose or stray wires that can blow your system.

The 24ct gold plating provides corrosion resistance which prevents poor signal transfer and potential damage to your equipment. They are suitable for heavier gauge cable speaker cables and feature two M4 screws for quick and reliable installation.

They have been designed to be used on all brand speaker cables. In fact, using the right cables is the easiest way to instantly upgrade the sound quality of your system.

  • Non Conductive Shell
  • Outer Cable Diameter:  Suits up to 4mm or 12AWG; 14AWG & 16AWG Cable
  • Construction:  Gold Plated Brass Plug with Solid Metal Jacket
  • Design:  Strong spring for a good tight fit
  • 24ct Gold Plating:  Delivers optimum signal transfer
  • Two Screw Anchor System:  Provides secure cable connection without need to solder
  • Total Length:  48mm (20mm connector)
  • Red & Black (positive & negative)