Naked Cable Banana50 Speaker Banana Plugs (Pair)


Naked Cable’s banana plugs are manufactured using high quality materials in an ISO approved factory.
They feature a non-conductive shell and 24ct gold plating on the connector.
They are suitable for heavier gauge cable subwoofer cable and feature two M4 screws for quick and reliable installation.

  • Gold Plated
  • 2-Screw Installation
  • Non Conductive Shell
  • Larger Cable Capacity:  5 mm (maximum)
  • Rear Case Internal Diameter:  6.6 mm
  • Total Length:  48 mm (20 mm connector)
  • Design:  Banana plug designed for standard amplification and speaker connections
  • Conductor:  Brass with gold plating
  • Insulator(s):  Brass with non conductive insulation
  • Sheilding:  N/A
  • Dimensions:  48 mm long x 11.3 mm diameter
  • Colour:  Gun metal (red or black stripe)