Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Preamplifier


The Capri S2 features an impressive complement of standard input/output interfaces; greatly enhanced flexibility through its optional DAC card or phono option; and the Rowland trademark prismatic platinum faceplate beautifully integrated into a non-resonant chassis milled from a solid block of aluminum.

With an output impedance of only 80 Ohms balanced and 40 Ohms single ended, Capri S2 drives any amplifier with confidence. Whether serving a single-ended triode amplifier in a vinyl rig, or controlling a quartet of solid-state Rowland M525 monoblocks with a 192 kHz digital source, or at the nexus of a home theater setup, the Capri S2 preamplifier delivers the trademark Rowland musicality, resolution, and consistent authority.

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  • Overall Gain:  14 dB
  • Gain Range:  99.5 dB, 199 Equal Increments
  • Frequency Response:  10 Hz – 350 kHz, -3 dB
  • DAC Card (optional) Internal DAC card accepts all SPDIF digital signal sources from 44.1 to 192 kHz
  • Phono Card (optional) Adjustable for simple load and gain adjustments for MM, high-output MC and MC cartridges
  • Inputs 2 x Pair Balanced XLR, 1 x Pair Unbalanced (RCA) Unity Gain (Bypass), 2 x Pair Unbalanced RCA
  • Outputs 1 x Pair Balanced Line Level, 1 x Pair Unbalanced Line Level
Additional Information
Weight 4.26 kg
Dimensions (DxWxH) 157 × 350 × 67 mm