Matchmaster 34MM-IRKIT IR Extender Kit (1 Room, 2 Sources)


The 34MM-IRKIT is a device for connecting IR receivers, emitters and power supply together enabling IR control of up to 8* audio / video components, from up to 4* separate locations.

This is an ideal product solution for new or retrofit installations for controlling equipment in another room using CAT5/6 cable.

* With addition of extra transmitters and receivers


Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for a single room extension and up to 2 Source Devices
  • Four emitter output connections
  • Power receptacle with LED indicator (on control module)
  • Removable Terminal Block connector for Quick Install Socket or Hardwiring IR receiver connections
  • Ideal for mounting (adhesive) near audio equipment
  • Can be run up to 300m using CAT 5/6 cable from the Terminal Block
  • No wireless interference
  • Works with most remote controls on the market

Kit Includes

  • IRSEND50 – IR Extender Control Module
  • IRSEND68 – RJ45 Stick Form IR Extender Receiver Module
  • IRSEND52 – cat5 EZI Install Socket
  • IRSEND75 – Dual Eye IR Extender Transmitter Eye Module
  • Power Supply – 12V @ 1A DC Regulated Power Pack with 2.1 x 5.5 x 11 mm Plug