Yamaha NS-5000 Stand Mount Loud Speakers (Pair)


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Yamaha proudly introduces the NS-5000, a 30 cm (12″) state-of-the art 3-way bookshelf speaker system that combines unparalleled sound quality with an effortlessly sleek design.

The NS-5000 sets a new standard in sound excellence expected of Yamaha’s top-of-the-line speaker.
With non-colouration of sound, wide frequency response, consistent sound characteristics across the frequency range, and extremely low distortion set as self-imposed requirements for a new-generation speaker.

The result is superb, with sound and performance that sets a standard for all Hi-Fi speakers to come.

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  • Newly developed diaphragms boast acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium
  • Newly developed R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chambers suppress unwanted resonance in the mid and high ranges
  • 30 cm (12”) 3-way bookshelf design draws on the tradition of the legendary NS-1000M
  • Carefully crafted laminated plywood enclosure made of Japanese white birch from the island of Hokkaido
  • Newly developed Acoustic Absorber eliminates sound-absorbing material to revive the original presence of the music
  • Glossy black piano finish provides improved signal-to-noise performance — and adds to the luxurious joy of ownership
  • Frequency-dividing Network
  • Type:  3 way Bookshelf Bass-reflex Type
  • Woofers:  30 cm (12″) cone type
  • MidRange Driver:  8 cm (3-1/4″) dome type
  • Tweeter:  3 cm (1-1/4″) dome type
  • Frequency Response:  26 Hz-40 kHz (-10dB), -100 kHz (-30dB)
  • Nominal Input Power:  200 W
  • Maximum Input Power:  600 W
  • Sensitivity:  88 dB / 2.83 V/1 m
  • Crossover Frequencies:  750 Hz / 4.5 kHz
  • Impedance:  6 ohms (minimum 3.5 ohms)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):  395 x 690 x 381 cm; 15-1/2” x 27-1/8” x 15” (with speaker terminals)
  • Weight:  35.0 kg; 77.2 lbs. / unit

Includes dedicated SPS5000 Stands

Additional Information
Weight 35.0 kg
Dimensions (DxWxH)