Naked Cable RCA Audio Cable


Naked Cable’s RCA ’Audio’ line-level connecting cable is manufactured using high-quality materials in an ISO approved factory.

This cable features premium grade oxygen free copper (C10100), a heavier gauge conductors along with high levels of shielding for noise rejection.

A PVC dielectric made to CM CL3 ideal for Custom Installation and an outer insulation finished in a room friendly ‘off white’.

RCA Connector designed to fit New Zealand Wall Plates.

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  • 1 pair 22 gauge/0.64mm diameter (0.33mm2)
  • Flexible polyethylene inner insulation
  • Anti-static PVC outer insulation
  • AL Mylar and )n copper braided shielding
  • Filling material used to maintain consistent cable geometry
  • Plug diameter 10.8mm x 42.7mm (L)
  • RCA designed to fit NZ Wall plates
  • Gold-plated and soldered connectors
  • Finished in interior friendly ’warm grey’
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