VENSET VA-TS700C-4BXX1 Build-in TV Lift


A slim design, high performance remote controlled TV lift with a stroke of 700mm the TS700C handles small to large LCDs/plasmas.
The lift has incredible stroke compared to the required build-in height, which makes this unit usable for installation almost everywhere.
The stroke can also be adjusted to limit the stroke height and/or the stroke drop.

Featured with anti-squeeze safety protection. If the moving parts of the lift or the LCD/plasma mounted on the lift meet an obstacle in the down-going motion, the lift will stop and reverse.
The pressure given before reversing is equal to the weight of the TV that is mounted.

  • Minimum Height:  600 mm
  • Maximum Height:  1300 mm
  • Max Stroke:  700 mm
  • Adjustable Stroke:  Yes
  • Max Working Loads:
    • 65 kg By standard installation
    • 29 kg When mounted upside down
    • 100 kg Peak Load (Motor thrust power)
  • Colour:  Black
  • Reverse Function:  Yes
  • Input Power:  110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz
  • AC Plug:  EU/UK/US/NZ/AUS
  • RF Remote System:  Yes
  • Lidlifter:  Yes
  • Mounting Brackets:  Yes
  • VESA:  400×400, 400×200, 400×100, 300×300