VoiceBridge Contactless Intercom System


Consultation and communication made easy.

The VoiceBridge is a new, hygienic, safe and flexible solution especially for acrylic glass walls and cabins in pharmacies, medical practices, stores and supermarkets as well as for visitor booths in nursing homes.

In order to make communication as easy to understand as possible in any environment despite protective masks, safety distance and protective walls, we have equipped the VoiceBridge with the latest technology.

Clear and secure communication despite protective measures, the VoiceBridge is the fully automatic intercom system for easy retrofitting.


No speech delay thanks to ultra-fast processor.

Increased speech intelligibility thanks to two digital microphones.

Improved noise cancellation algorithm.

New loudspeaker for even more natural sound.

Simple start-up, thousands of times in use.

Automatic Callibration – At start-up, the VoiceBridge automatically measures itself to the respective environment for 5-10 seconds. Echoes and feedback should no longer occur afterwards.

Digital – Because the VoiceBridge has been digitally designed from the start, it is possible to further improve the sound quality with DSP settings and algorithms.

Duplex – When developing the VoiceBridge, it was important that it works in duplex mode. This means that you can speak and listen at the same time.

Microphone – Suitable for larger talking distances. No need to approach or speak extra loudly.

Noise Reduction – Reduces ambient noises.

Infrared Sensors – Automatically detects when a customer is present. Hygienic handling, without pressing any buttons.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) – Avoids Disturbing echoes.


  • Activation / Deactivation via infrared
  • Microphones:  2 digital microphones (beamforming) incl. AEC Technology (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and NR-Technology (Noise Reduction)
  • Cables:  Length of connection cable: 1m,  Length power supply cable: 2m
  • Size:  86 × 111 × 18mm
  • Weight per Unit:  160 g
  • Weight per set incl. packaging:  520 g
  • Operating voltage:  12VDC
  • Further connections/interfaces:  For supplied system cable
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Color:  White
  • Accessories:  Connection cable: 2m long

Complete set “Standard” consisting of:

• 1 × intercom unit for customer
• 1 × intercom unit for staff
• 1 × power supply unit incl. cable (connecting cable: 1m, power cable: 2m)
• incl. double-sided adhesive tape