Yamaha XW-CS-700 Wireless Extension Microphone Kit


The Yamaha XW-CS-700 allows an additional microphone pick-up in a room without having to wire the room with audio cables, allowing for a clean extension of the microphone capture of the Yamaha CS-700.

Its portable, compact design allows for easy set up and positioning.


The XW-CS-700 kit includes the following components.

1x Revolabs™HD dual™:The HD dual includes the Receiver for the wireless microphone, the Charger to charge up to two microphones, and the required power adapters.
1x Revolabs HD™omni-directional wireless microphone.
1x Proprietary audio cable to connect the HD dual Receiver to the CS-700.
1x User guide

**For use with the Yamaha CS-700 system, not included**