Residential Services

We offer a full range of services for all your Residential Audio, Visual, Network & Control solutions

CEDIA Member

System installs with confidence

Just as you should always use a registered builder you should always use a CEDIA certified systems integrator. This is a guarantee that your integrator has the skills and training required to complete your job to the highest standard.

Commercial audio visual services

Sales & Installation

Either from Online or from our Showroom our service remains the same, with helpful advise, knowledge and support.
We cover the top of the south with our product sales & installations.
Be safe in the knowledge that when you purchase one of our products we will be there to offer full installation& support.

Design Meeting

Systems Design

We are committed to delivering you with the best experience in professional home entertainment design and installation processes.
The expert team will save you both time and money by taking care of the overall design of your new system, tailored to your needs.
From our initial meeting to discuss your homes design and how best to utilise the spaces for your entertainment & general living experience to full in-house planning & documentation of your project.
We then can liaise with any other service providers working on your project to deliver a superior finished systems.

Audio Solutions

Get a sensational listening experience others will envy.
We offer full audio solutions from two channel HIFI, Multi-Zone Distributed Audio to fully immersive Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Cinema Audio

HIFI Audio


Our two channel Hi-Fi sound systems provide the optimum in sound definition so you can listen to music how it was intended to be heard – clearly with a broad sound stage. Hi-Fi brings the concert and movie experience to you without you even having to leave your house.

Thanks to our specialist team who can install discreet in-wall speakers, traditional floor standing speakers, media streamers,  turntables and amplifiers. We will help you select the right equipment to suit your environment.

Home Cinema


Watch your favourite films with better than Cinema surround sound.
We can help you select the perfect home theatre surround sound system to complement your visual experience.
Whether you opt for a 5.1, 7.1 or full Dolby Atmos surround sound system and 4-8K visual experience like no other.
With most TV shows and streaming services now producing better audio & visual media, it’s worth installing audio & video equipment that can reproduce these formats to the best quality so you can appreciate and benefit from what’s being provided.
Your home theatre audio includes in-ceiling, in-wall or discreet satellite speaker options, meaning less clutter and a visually appealing environment.

Multizone Audio


Listen to independent music at different volumes across multiple areas.

Multi-zone audio is now becoming a standard feature of most homes.
It allows you to listen to your favourite tunes in multiple areas of your home.
Enjoy various controls to select music, or alter the volume in each room.
This is the perfect audio solution for indoor / outdoor entertainment areas.

Video, Control & Networks

Get a sensational listening experience others will envy.
We offer full audio solutions from two channel HIFI, Multi-Zone Distributed Audio to fully immersive Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Cinema Audio

Home Cinema


TV & Movie watching has evolved greatly over the last few years, now not just offering high definition pictures for your live TV viewing but now 4K streaming & multiple streaming networks.
Staying ahead of the game is an ongoing task, with such fast moving technology. Even the advances behind the scenes like the last three versions of HDMI always trying to improve your video experience.
It can all be a little overwhelming to navigate, that is where we come in, offering the latest in video distribution & reproduction products & knowledge.

Contol Systems


Simplifying the most complicated systems for all the family to easily control.
Have full control over all your home entertainment, lighting, blinds, heating and security systems with the touch of a button.
Add parental locks to disable or isolate functions and be able to initiate quick start features by just asking Alexa.

RTI Control
Lutron Lighting & Shades

Lighting & Shades

Whether you are at home of the office having your lights and blinds set the way you like is essential. With our smart home automation we can integrate all your lights and blinds for self selected scenes or automated routines with conditional logic.

Have your home know it in nearing dusk and gradually raise the lights in time with the lowering of the sun, then after dusk your blinds slowly lower, for a more cozy evening.


We are all connected now more than ever and that requires a reliable, fast network for your home or business.
As most of of our world relies on good networks and internet connection has grown so has the devices in our homes. The Audiophile offers network solutions to act as a reliable back bone to any of their systems.
A hard wired network connection is still the most reliable form of data transfer, that paired with some of the latest in WIFI access points, your home will have even internet coverage throughout.
We work in with Internet Service providers to help ensure a smooth connection process, be that ADSL, Fibre or Starlink.



We partner with a major local security firm to help integrate the best experience in keeping you and your family safe, while still working perfectly with our smart automation systems.