SpeakerCraft Profile Aim252 MK2 Series In-Ceiling Speaker (Each)


The SpeakerCraft AIM 5 TWO Series 2 speaker has a 15° pivoting 5 1/4” glass fibre cone woofer, 15° pivoting & 359° rotational ARC tweeter array incorporating (3) – 5/8” aluminium /magnesium dome tweeter.

SpeakerCraft’s patented Aim-able technology is a must for any installation requiring the entire bass and tweeter section to face towards the listening position.
The design is perfect for front LCR cinema channels and Dolby Atmos overhead placement.


Defies All Conventions And Industry Norms – AIM Series 2 adapts technology that was once only utilized in large sound reinforcement experiences, and introduces the adjustable pivoting ARC Tweeter Array™ that is nothing short of groundbreaking. By incorporating multiple tweeters in a line array, AIM Series 2 delivers focused high frequencies farther into the listening area than standard tweeter configurations. The ARC Tweeter Array lowers the crossover point to increase the sound pressure level at the critical mid-range frequencies so that acoustically, listeners enjoy a much larger sweet spot.

A Bolder, Richer Sound – Complementing the ARC Tweeter Array is the updated WavePlane™ technology that acts as an acoustic lens, focusing the high frequency audio energy into the listening environment for a cleaner, wider, and richer sound. Ordinary speakers only sound their best when you are directly underneath them but the WavePlane assures optimal high frequency dispersion throughout the listening area.

Taking Sound To New Levels – The enhanced aim-ability of the AIM Series 2 presents new options for sound design—from home theater to whole home audio. More than ever, sound can be directed to a specific section of a room, angled toward a seating area or wherever an audio impact is desired.

Optimal Sound Dispersion – As a final touch, the AIM 2’s Vortex Eliminators disperse sound as it reaches the outer edge of the speaker baffle. Acoustically, this moves the speaker closer to the surface of the ceiling, improving the overall dispersion of sound and eliminating any tunnel effect found in lesser ceiling speakers.

Longer Lasting, More Stable Installations – While the front of the speaker gets most of the deserved attention, the back of this speaker delivers game-changing technologies as well. The all-new design of the AIM Series 2 leverages Acoustic Isolation Technology™ to decouple the speaker housing from the surrounding materials, providing a more acoustically repeatable installation and improving sound transference to the listening area by eliminating structural resonance created by the surrounding wall or ceiling. The minimized resonance transfer is achieved using co-molded, lower density compounds, and help set the AIM Series 2 apart from any speaker in the industry. You hear the speaker as it is meant to sound—not colored by the resonance of the material on which it is mounted.

  • Flange-less appearance
  • 5 1/4” Glass Fibre Cone Woofer with 15° Pivoting Capability
  • ARC Tweeter Array incorporating three (3) – 5/8” Silk Tweeters with 15° Pivoting & 359° Rotational Capability
  • WavePlane Technology with Vortex Eliminators
  • Acoustic Isolation Technology to minimize acoustic energy transfer to mounting and surrounding surfaces
  • Front-Mounted Switch Allows for up to +/- 3dB of Treble Adjustment
  • Timbre-Matched to all TWO Level Speakers
  • Sensitivity:  87db 1W/1m
  • Maximum SPL:  106dB
  • Power Handling:  100 Watts
  • Impedance:  8 Ohm Nominal
  • Frequency Response:  42Hz-20kHz
  • Diameter x Depth:  8” x 4 7/8” (203 x 124 mm) (with Grille)
  • Cut-Out Diameter:   6.61” or 6 5/8 (168 mm)