QED Airloc Metal 4mm Banana Plugs (Pair)


AIRLOC is QED’s award winning loudspeaker cable termination method using specialist equipment.

Put simply, this is the best termination method to use with QED loudspeaker cables. The science and engineering of loudspeaker cable doesn’t stop with the cable…

**Price is for a pair**

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New Strengthened Plug – The new Forté plug pin section is designed to maximise contact area throughout the wide tolerance range encountered in 4 mm amplifier and speaker sockets. Here, some are quite tight whereas others are loose, so the spring loaded Forté blade is designed to fit into smaller and larger sockets with equal insertion force.
This means that the contact area is maximised and the connection remains uniformly tight.

24K Gold Plated – Plugs are gold plated to eliminate oxidization, ensuring a life-long low resistance connection

What is Airloc™ – Airloc™ is a form of cold weld system that can be used to permanently attach QED Forté™ banana plugs or spade terminals to our entire range of speaker cables. One of the main reasons for choosing a QED speaker cable is the superior d.c. resistance characteristics offered by our exclusive use of 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors. It seems a shame then to ruin all this attention to detail by neglecting the most vulnerable area of the speaker cable chain – that of the physical interface between cable and amplifier or speaker terminals.

  • 24k Gold plated
  • High copper brass body
  • AirlocTM cold weld system
  • Fits 6 mm and 8 mm binding posts
  • Minimum cable size 0.75 mm2
  • Maximum cable size 5.5 mm2
  • Accepts entire QED cable range
  • Colour-coded metal barrels
  • For use with AT1 Airloc crimp tool and ADS 4 die set
  • Price is for a pair