Comtevision Zero Edge Fixed Frame Projector Screen FSN Series


Designed and manufactured to the highest quality these fixed frame screens optimize the effect of any projector, especially for 4K .
Edge free and 4K Ultra HD ready with 180 degree viewing angle, you can always find the best matched screen for your projector.

  • Top Grade Edge Free- only 10mm aluminum frame. The entire frames are made in aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • They are forged as one single piece so that they do not have weak points to be broken or deformed under strain.
  • The LED backlight kit is optional for more impressive performance. It resembles a giant size flat panel TV display.
  • 4K Ultra HD ready with 180 degree viewing angle; Texture-free and no hot spotting.
  • Unique tensioning systems to assure a perfectly flat screen surface. Mildew resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Almost seamless cut corners enhance elegance experience.
  • Professional packing solution to reduce risk of transportation damage and ensure everything arrives safely.
  • 2-year manufacturer‘s limited warranty.

Villa White 4K 1.1 Screen Surface

  • A classic cinema fabric, loved by experienced movie fans. It is specially designed to bring out the highest amount of details for the 4K/8K projectors and 1080P projectors. The material achieves maximum detail and resolution through having absolutely no texture to the material surface,  providing ideal projection surface.
  • 1.1 gain soft white, texture free screen surface for a finely detailed, hot spotting free, high quality image.
  • Wide view angle.
  • Perfect color uniformity and detail clarity.
  • Double-layered black backed screen material.
  • Mildew resistant and flame retardant.
  • Opaque material to block light from opposite side.
  • Superior performance in environment where ambient light is controlled.
  • Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
  • Max.Resolution:  4K/8K
  • Peak Gain:  1.1
  • Half View Angle:  90°
  • Thickness:  0.30 mm
  • 3D Enabled:  No
  • Surface Color:  Pure White
  • Black Backing:  Yes
  • Flexible Factor:  Full
  • Max Fabric Width:  3.0 m


  • Diagonal Size:  100″
  • Viewing Size (W x H):  2214 x 1245 mm
  • Overall Size:  2234 x 1265 mm
  • Weight: 25.5 kg
  • HDTV Format:  16:9
  • Surface:  Villa White 4K 1.1


  • Diagonal Size:  110″
  • Viewing Size (W x H):  2435 x 1370 mm
  • Overall Size:  2450 x 1390 mm
  • Weight:  28.0 kg
  • HDTV Format:  16:9
  • Surface:  Villa White 4K 1.1


  • Diagonal Size:  120″
  • Viewing Size (W x H):  2657 x 1494 mm
  • Overall Size:  2657 x 1514 mm
  • Weight:  30.6 kg
  • HDTV Format:  16:9
  • Surface:  Villa White 4K 1.1
Additional Information

100", 110", 120"

Dimensions (DxWxH)