Nice SC-IC3 Small Aperture In-ceiling Speaker (Each)


The SC-IC-3 High Performance 3.5” In-Ceiling Speaker delivers dynamic and impactful sound in a compact form factor.

Leveraging advanced technology and materials, its high-excursion carbon fiber woofer, massive aluminum tweeter, custom crossover design, and versatile installation options make it a top choice for those seeking premium performance without compromising on esthetics.

With both round and square grilles included and flush mount kits available, the IC3 appeals to the most fastidious designer’s needs.

  • Custom Crossover with proprietary capacitor filter/boost circuitry – Eliminates frequencies below the woofer range – enhancing bass for a punchy, rich sound
  • Woofer Size:  3.5″ Carbon Fiber Woofer – Stiff, light, and incredibly strong—this compact woofer is transparent with low distortion
  • Woofer Configuration:  Fixed
  • Woofer Material:  Carbon Fiber
  • Tweeter Size:  1″ Aluminum Tweeter – Proportionately massive to deliver dynamic detail at a lower crossover point
  • Tweeter Configuration:  Fixed
  • Tweeter Material:  Aluminum
  • Hole Cut-out Dimensions:  4.75″ – Use a standard hole saw for a quick retrofit install.
  • Includes two 5″ low-profile, paintable grilles for a round or square finish to match custom recessed lighting, fixtures and ceiling color
  • Power Handling (Watts):  30 – Minimum / 70 – Maximum
  • Frequency Range:  70Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance:  8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity:  78 db
  • Weight:  0.317 kg
  • Depth Behind Wall:  3.5″
  • Dimensions (Diameter):  5.25″ (with grille)
  • Shipping Dimensions (D x W x H):  155 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Shipping Weight:  0.997 kg
Additional Information
Weight 0.317 kg
Dimensions (DxWxH)