SVS Subwoofer Cable 3M (Each)


SVS Sound Path Subwoofer Cables ensure pristine signal transfer and a secure connection between subwoofer and receiver or other source components.

24K gold-plated brass connectors and a five-layer dielectric insulation system ensure signal purity and reject interference for pristine low frequency output.
The result is an uncompromised high-end audio experience.


Cable Construction Material

  • All new premium cotton braided jacket – attractive, durable, outermost boundary of five-layer dielectric insulation system
  • High density 7.0mm PVC outside core dielectric – part of five-layer insulation system
  • 1.6mm HDPE inside core dielectric – part of five-layer insulation system, shields each unique conductor
  • PET Mylar shield layer – part of five-layer insulated system, shields and binds internal structure
  • Directional shield layer is a spiral braid of premium grade Aluminum foil and 56 strands of 99.99% OFC tinned copper Shielding – critical part of five-layer insulation system. Soldered to ground terminal at the source side helps reduce EMI and RF noise between electronics
  • Total five-layer isolation system rejects electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference
  • The Dual balanced conductors are made from 14 strands of 99.99% OFC stranded copper conductors, and individually isolated in independent HDPE dielectric jackets – allow consistent signal flow, high signal purity, and minimize signal loss
  • Nominal Cable Diameter:  7mm

RCA Connector Construction Material

  • Precision soldered with high grade lead-free solder – Durable and consistent electrical contacts with consistent signal flow
  • 24K gold plated brass conductor pin – effective electrical contact and signal flow
  • 24K gold plated brass split grounding body – tight fit with consistent electrical contact for stable grounding
  • Precision machined and anodized aircraft grade aluminum shell with white and red marking bands – Stylish and durable body with a great feel and easy handling. Red and White marking bands for easy Left and Right designation
  • Center Pin and Outer Ring: Gold-plated brass for optimum signal quality and integrity

Electrical Properties

  • Conductor DCR = 77 mΩ/meter
  • Shield DCR:  30 mΩ/meter
  • Nominal Impedance:  110Ω. Cable and RCA connectors are impedance-matched to minimize Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss
  • Nominal Capacitance:  39 pF/meter @ 1kHz
  • Rated Bandwidth:  DC-5.0 MHz (3M cable) with ≤1.09 VSWR and ≥27dB Return Loss